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Welcome to ShrimpGPAT!

       The Shrimp Gene and Protein Annotation Tool (ShrimpGPAT) was conceived as a community-based annotation platform for acquisition and update of full-length complementary DNAs (cDNAs), Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs), transcript contigs and protein sequences of penaeid shrimp and their decapod relatives and for an in-silico functional annotation and sequence analyses.

Database Status
Organisms: 14
ESTs: 343,880
Contigs: 101,035
Proteins: 4,394
Nucleotides: 82,015
Current Release: 2 (02/Jul/2013)
Previous Release: 1 (28/Sep/2009)
ShrimpGPAT features:
  1. Search for known and putative shrimp genes in our comprehensive database of shrimp/decapod sequences.
  2. BLAST your own sequences against our database.
  3. In-silico functional annotation in terms of GOs and putative protein-protein interactions.
  4. Multiple sequence alignments (MSA) of your sequences of interest.
  5. * Workspace to keep your sequences of interest or upload your own sequences for further analyses (e.g., BLAST, MSA and Community-based functional annotation).
  6. * Community-based functional annotation allows registered users to add tags and comments. For example, users can input gene names as tags and information of references/publications as comments.
          * To access its full service, please register for a free account. Your registration will provide every user a more secure environment to work on and give us usage statistics for applying for funding of this database. We will not release user information to a third party without your consent.